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Dec 16, 2013
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Plymouth, Devon, UK
My new moulds and multi wire cutter came today. I'm so excited to use them!!!!!

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Yes they are from the molloys not_ally. Emma packed them up with loads of little sticky notes inside apologising for how much packaging there was to unwrap. They arrived safely though! They are such nice people, I am so happy with the items.

I knew you guys would share in my joy, no one else I know would even care! :)
Omg! Envy alert!!

*ponders* do I need more moulds???

No, of course. But yes, of course.

ETA: Saponista, isn't it nice to buy things from small businesses that make good products and that you can establish a personal relationship with? I am always happy when I can post about them and hopefully boost business a bit ...
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I love using small businesses too. I feel like I'm actually contributing to supporting a real family, rather than lining some rich millionaire's pockets.
Ahh I have mould envy again! And I really fancy a cutter like that too!