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Apr 7, 2015
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So i usually stick to making CP but i wanted to make a watermelon soap for my sister and read that the fragrance wouldn't stick in CP. So many new challenges with MP! First was getting used to the consistency - the black soap i tried to add for pips all sank to the bottom! Then when I unmoulded the layers came apart! I did spritz with alcohol but think maybe i let it set too much before pouring the next layer as i was fearing breakthrough. On the plus side it smells great :)

I like that the black settled; it looks like the seeds are hidden in the pulp of the watermelon. Very nice!
Those are cute! I love the translucency on the red.
Since fiddling with M&P I have gained a whole new respect for M&P artisans - it might be simple, but it aint easy!
Thanks guys :)
I got the translucent red using lab colours, which i haven't really like using with cp but may now try more in mp!