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Apr 13, 2016
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Anyone else have luck with LX wicks with Golden Wax 464? I’ve found that the scent throw is awesome with the LX-22 in a 6 oz tin, BUT it tends to mushroom and bits fall off and sometimes the flame gets low and looks like it’s gonna drown out. Could this be due to too much fragrance? The LX-24 also works well in these tins, but the melt pool is a little too deep for my liking. I’ve tried Candlescience's recommended Eco 10 and Eco 12, but I think the flames are too strong and burn off too much scent to even get a hot throw.
When you have a lot of mushrooming and flames dying out, that is a wick to reject, I'm sorry to say. It's actually not unusual to have a deep melt pool and good throw when a wick is doing that, but it has to burn well too. Find yourself some CD wicking (not CDN, regardless what any supplier says). You need to get multiple sizes to try, but you could start with CD 7. Always test tins to the bottom because they get really hot towards the end, so the wick that looks perfect at first is probably too big. :)
Here is the proper way to make this candle:

1) Heat soy wax to 185 F (so fragrance oil fully dissolves)-
2) Add fragrance oil and color
3) Remove from heat and stir gently for 2 minutes
4) Allow soy wax to cool to desired pour temperature (suggested temp is 130-140 degrees)
5) Stir gently one last time and pour candle

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