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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
Hello I'm Lane. I have two adorable little kids, a five year old daughter and a three year old son... I started making soap about three years ago. Both my son and I have multiple skin conditions and, even tho I was able to tolerate the itching and burning associated with store bought soap, there was no way in H*LL I was going to have my son go through that! So I started making soap!

I started with M&P and just loved it! It was so simple and yet you could create the most amazing and beautiful creations! I made a basic calomine lotion soap with suspending soap base and it helped both of us. But then I began reading about CP. I waiting two years before I tried it and my first two or three batches were completely horrible...It took making a batch everyday for a MONTH before I felt comfortable in my techniques!

Even tho the MP helped my skin and my sons skin, I can't say enough about what the CP has done! For the first time in three years, my son doesn't have itchy, scaly, bleeding patches all over his body! (His skin itches and burns when ANY sort of chemical comes into contact with his, he would scratch at it until it bled and then it became an open sore...UGH) Mine never got that bad as an adult because I can stop my self from itching!

I digress!! I just started selling my soap to help cover the costs of my oils. I figure, I have to make this soap anyway (and I LOVE to do so) So I might as well help by selling some of it to cushion my cost. Since I am at a no profit level I really try to consintrate on Eco, Earth friendly, and Recycling.

I found this soap forum because I was looking for information from REAL people who really make soap...(even tho I STILL haven't asked the gel phase question that brought me here...) I instantly became addicted to the wonderful personalities in this forum! Honestly, this site has answered MORE questions for me in only four days verses two months of internet research. The format here is amazing, it's actual discussions with all levels of soapers, rather than a bunch of fighting method techniques like some other forums!!

I plan on staying and I am glad this forum is up and running!!!