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Mar 16, 2024
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Simmonsville, VA
Hey! I’m glad I found this site! I’ve been making soap for 7 years for my family. I make CP soap with lard from pigs my family or friends raise as well as other oils.

I have ADHD and now that I’m on meds my soap is more consistent. Pre med experiments don’t count. I made the same mistakes every time. Literally. I always forgot to check how much oil we had on hand. I always forgot to prep my mold. Etc. Etc, Etc.

Post med experiments? Waaaay better. I take notes on what went wrong. Did you know that squinting with one eye at the pointer on an analog kitchen scale from the thrift store is not as accurate as the dead digital scale? I do! My wife will not be getting soap for her birthday.

I’m selling a soap to my local garden center that I’ve experimented with, field tested (gave to friends and said tell me what you think), and experimented again with feedback. I’ve got business insurance and know my costs, my bullet journal knows them tbh.

I have two daughters 14 and 20. The 20 yo left home for the big city last year. My wife is a willing tester and brutally honest feed backer (did you mean for that soap to be poop colored? No, no I did not. I’ll use less rose clay. And I’ll be using poop colored soap at home a minute)

We live on a small homestead in the Virginia Highlands about 30 miles from “town”. We have two, soon to be three, cats. The kittens are holy terrors and the big cat is patient.

I’m old enough to know better AND care. I knit and read to relax.

Looking forward to screen meet ya’ll!
Green Hollow