LAST CALL for Feb Fragrance PRE BUY - Save 20% OFF!

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Jun 29, 2008
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LAST CALL for the Feb Fragrance Pre BUy! Feb Fragrance Pre Buy - 20% OFF RETAIL thru Feb 28 Lemongrass & Sage, Indian Paintbrush, and Nag Champa! BEST SELLERS, easy to soap in CP formulas!

We are bringing back Red Santal, Indian Paintbrush, Lemongrass & Sage, Apple Blossoms, and NAG Champa... All fabulous in CP and Bath & Body Products.. and 20% off. In addition we have a last minute fast buy on our famous Tassi Lavender for the two bulk sizes - 32 oz and 5 lbs, each 10% off the already discounted bulk pricing!

DROP DEAD date to order is Feb 28! ORDER HERE

We extended the buy so more could participate! Indian Paintbrush is in jeopardy of not making minimum though... We need about 8 lbs more purchased. This is a fabulous fragrance, easy to CP and great in cosmetic/body products also! Just saying.... All are my original formulas, tested for CP soap, and highly concentrated. If you HP or MP, you will save because of their concentration. Usage and Soaping Notes are on each fragrance description page.

Kelly Bloom
Soapalooza owner