LAST DAY for Feb Fragrance Prebuy! 20% OFF

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    LAST DAY for Fragrance Pre Buy - 20% Off Retail!
    LAST CALL for the Feb Fragrance Pre BUy! Feb Fragrance Pre Buy - 20% OFF RETAIL thru Feb 28 Lemongrass & Sage, Indian Paintbrush, and Nag Champa! BEST SELLERS, easy to soap in CP formulas!

    DROP DEAD date to order is Feb 28! I call this order into the Manufacturer at NOON March 1. I got a few emails asking to leave it up overnight simply because of Mar 1 paydays.. So you got it. I will be ordering at noon, Thurs, March 1... This gives you the morning of March 1 to get in any last second orders. :)

    We extended the buy so more could participate! Indian Paintbrush is in jeopardy of not making minimum though... We need about 8 lbs more purchased. This is a fabulous fragrance, easy to CP and great in cosmetic/body products also! Just saying....

    We are bringing back Red Santal, Indian Paintbrush, Lemongrass & Sage, Apple Blossoms, and NAG Champa, ALL at 20% discount with this Pre buy. All fabulous in CP and Bath & Body Products. In addition we have a last minute fast buy on our famous Tassi Lavender for the two bulk sizes - 32 oz and 5 lbs, each 10% off the already discounted bulk pricing!

    ALL PRE BUY FRAGRANCES REFLECT a 20% markdown on the 16 oz, the NEW 32 oz size, and the 5 lb jug size! When the pre buy is completed, we will make stock available in the In Stock categories in the 1, 4, 8, and 16 oz sizes like we used to!

    Shipping is a flat fee $12.95 regardless of how much you buy, AS LONG as your ship address is in the Continental USA.


    This past year has been a HUGE time of growth for Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio. We moved our studio from Williamsburg to Richmond, VA. We opened a retail storefront in where we sell the soap & bath/body products that we also train students in our workshops, studio classes, and Boot Camps to make for their own businesses. Now we are moving the fragrance business up to Richmond also! (let’s us move between the two buildings more easily and quickly). So, we are starting off with a big Pre Buy on our best selling, tried & true Cold Process fragrances. We use these fragrances in ALL our products, train with them, and have sold them in the community for 10 years. These fragrances are concentrated, strong, and they hold up long term in CP soap, but can also be used in bath & body products and candles… We know, we use them that way also!

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