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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
Thank you, dixiedragon, I may try that one day soon. I have a lot of shea and at only 5% it would take a long time to use it up. So this might be a good time to see what a high shea soap is like.

Edit: added:

I ran out of Castor Oil and Sunflower as well. I used up a lot of odds and ends of soaping oils in December, and those where two I used up. But I have Safflower HO, so I will use it for this trial and forego the Castor as I don't want to venture out in our snowstorm (I thought it was going to be Spring soon!). I'll add sugar to help with bubbles.

Time to put in another order with Soaper's Choice.
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Dec 2, 2017
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Just an update:

I tried HP soap for the first time with (unfortunately besides the point of this thread) 40% lard, 20% shea, 20% cocoa, and 20% coconut with oolong tea (which turns red when added with lye?) at 5% superfat. It turned out magnificent, probably my favorite soap I've ever made, honestly. If someone requests a bar of vegan of this recipie, im gonna try palm. I might sub shea for mango butter, not too sure yet. Thank you all very very very much for the suggestions, they are very much appreciated!!!


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May 1, 2017
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Alberta, Canada
Earlene, I don’t soap without Shea Butter anymore because I love what it brings to soap. (Plus it’s local to me) Contrary to what people say that Shea cuts lather, I haven’t experienced that. My Shea in recipes ranges between 20-70%.

I have a mild soap I make that is Shea, Tallow, Canola or Soybean and Castor that is so mild but the lather is very very nice. No large bubbles but the lather is shiny and with bath pouf almost like whipped cream. Thick and heavy. Of course I cure my soaps for a minimum of 3 months and if I want to be fancy, I add 1 egg yolk per pound.

I am currently using a Shea/Tallow recipe with PKO and Soybean oil that is out of this world great! It is 6months now and I made 2 batches of it yesterday so I never run out! It is that great! Can you tell I love Shea?! :nodding:

If Lard is similar to Shea, I can understand why people love it. Can’t use Lard though.

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