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Has anyone tried Karma Essential Oil Blend from Brambleberry, I have it.. but I dont know what to think of it.
Im not an Essential Oil fan really at all.. so I am trying to experience some before I dismiss them all together...
Any thoughts?
Well, I will be honest and say that when I started making candles in 2004 I made a vow to not make anything with essential oils. Three years later I can't get enough of them! I'll admit you have to be careful about selling to certain people, making sure you put down reactions (pregnant women) stuff like that. I only use about eight kinds. So to my point, don't dismiss it try out a small little sample and see how you like it. Try some in lotion, soap, body spray. You may like it more in one than another! Oh and no I haven't tried their eo's cause there a bit over my budget.
Thats Pepper,

I just cant stand the smell of them lol
I live Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and Orange..
thats about it.. so when I smelled this.. I was like :shock: :roll:

I am going to try it in soap.
Are you ever worried about someone have a reaction... i mean because of the precautions of the essential oils?

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