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dmcgee5034, where did you get the mold for this soap? I love the shape.


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Just my preference, but I like to see soap pictures posted in the Soap Photo section Soap Showcase & Photo Gallery

To keep pictures of your soaps together in one place, create an album in the media section.

There is no reason for having them ONLY there. You can put in a thread so it's for context of message and I encourage it.
But they can put in the media also. Or put in the media and put the photo in the thread via the insert image icon
That will allow using the link to the image to show the image.

One of the big things we promote on forums is for members to do direct uploads and into the threads so they are more interesting and continuous for the reader. It's a big headache to read of some beautiful swirl soap and then have to go somewhere else to see it.

I only up load to the thread/post the images I put on forums. So it is perfectly okay to do either or both for images. We make darn sure to have enough server space to do this.

And this is not soap, but is a favorite image.

beach sunrise.jpg
@Prysm I understand that. I said 'personally' because I have always liked looking through the photo gallery and seeing soaps from lots of different members in one place. I know that others have different preferences. I wasn't trying to imply that there was a way something should or should not be done.

Beautiful non-soap picture by the way.
The photo gallery is outstanding, that is why I suggested both.
I’m super happy with it. It’s concave on the inside up to the opening (rounded all the way to the opening). I plan to fill it a bit more next time to get the opening part a bit more rounded, too, but even with that, I’m sure the opening will do what it’s going to do. You might be able to over fill and trim it? Keep me posted on what you decide @Servant4Christ 🌸
I am going to shamelessly steal the idea of having one thread for my soap pics.
Batch 1
These were Cherry Fruit Punch scented. The smell is yummy and was just some random soap fragrance from Hobby Lobby. I’d do different colors next time and make the topper red like a cherry (duh me!) next time.

Batch 2
Aruba Coconut scented. I love Aruba and the pink flamingos there….

Batch 3
Nothing like jumping right in for a Circling Taiwan Swirl for my 3rd batch, huh? Apple Jack and Orange Peel scent.

Batch 4
These are Tobacco and Bay Leaf scent. Kinda looks tiger stripe and I put those bolt type embeds on top to make it look more masculine. IDK if the look worked but they smell yummy and I got good feedback.

Batch 5
This BB project was super fun! Cranberry Cocktail with the soap leaves piped on. I did 2 molds of this for holiday gifts.

Batch 6
Cranberry Fig scented. I don’t like the bandaid colored ball on top - lesson learned with my mica and white M&P - won’t do that again. Did a hanger swirl here. This was my first batch I priced out for fun and it came out to 3.13 per bar for supplies. Thought I should try to check cost in case I ever do sell in the future.

Batch 7
I made 1 batch and divided it in half to make 2 different soaps. One for my brother and one for hubby.
Brother batch is Patchouli Cedarwood and looks like red camouflage.
Hubby batch is Cool Water in blues and black oxide.

Batch 8
Had to make a holiday soap that wasn’t all Christmas time. Winter Wonderland scent with a drop swirl and some tiny “ice blocks” on top and glitter.

Batch 9
This was the Laminar Flow challenge and I used Smell the Rainbow.

Batch 10
BB Caffe Latte scent with the (not really) magic color changing cappuccino mica and black oxide. Drop swirl. Day 1 and day 2 pics for the color change.

Batch 11
Simple Sally or Fresh Milk - I still don’t know. No colors and just a touch of Oatmeal Milk and Honey scent. I love these bars. And the soap in the mold still reminds me of gelato.

Batch 12 - the dreaded Ylang Ylang and Lavender for my niece. This soap freaked me out with the acceleration. Had all these ideas for a pretty swirl and color and that all went out the window. Mica swirl on top was all I could muster… 🌸

I give up on batch numbers. Now it’s just soap - lol! I just cut these tonight.
This one is Pink Grapefruit scented and I used I Dream in Soap mantra swirl as inspiration. Lisa is so talented and a great teacher! Color is BB Ultramarine Pink pigment, TD, and the middle is both Green Chrome pigment and Caribbean blue mica alternated in the center section. I do think I started wrong and I know I ended the swirl wrong, but at the end I was kinda freaking out in a good way that it was swirling that I forgot what to do.
Fingers crossed @AliOop - no soda ash so far, so the plastic wrap cover is working 🌸
Wow. You have a lot of talent! These are wonderful. Love the bolts. Also the swirls and patterns are exquisite.
Got a new purple mica, so of course I had to test it out. Emphasis on the HAD TO…. 😂
Queens purple mica for the top and bottom layers, then an OPW in the middle of TD and black oxide pigment. Still playing around with this look inspired by @Catscankim (still can’t find your pics, tho). I don’t know why I’m still chicken to do a mica line inbetween the layers but I’ll get there eventually. I’m also still trying to figure out photography, so I’m attaching 2 pics for fun/comments. Scent is BB Black Raspberry Vanilla. 🌸
Doodle Bug says it smells delicious LOL 🐾
ETA/CORRECT swirl to OPW 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Not sure how I missed this. This is stunning! I do a half and half with a solid pink coupled with a black/white in the pot swirl. Great job!

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