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Oct 22, 2007
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HI All
I am new to this forum and somewhat new to soapmaking. I have made about 8 batches in my kitchen, same recipe, diffrent additives, mainly for personal use/giving to my friends.
I have had success all but twice, the last batch really urking me. I followed this recipe

12 oz coconut oil
12 ounces olive oil
20 vegetable shortening (I used crisco)
16 oz of water (tapwater which I weighed)
and 6oz of lye

1.5oz cocobutter for superfatting
approx 2oz EO (peppermint/eucaliptis/lavander)
2tbsp of ground mint

It never traced fantastically (still trying to master "the moment") and is still quite liquidy after 36 hours in the mold (PVC tubing)
any comments on what I've done wrong???
How long can you wait for soap to solidfy? Usually it hardens enough to cut in 24 hours.
Should I continue to wait for it to solidify??
Well you used more water than I would have..

I would have used 12-14ozs of water
for lye i have 6.21 (6.2) ozs of lye..

ETA: 2lbs 12ozs for your batch.

Give it a week and see what it says.. have you checked your calculator for accurate measurements?

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