I got some cool leaf boxes!!! any ideas on labels?

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Sep 17, 2007
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Do any of you use boxes? I want to figure out how to decorate them, while still having the simplicity...

or maybe I will go insane and decorate them all over ;)

I am thinking of making a stamp with my business logo to stamp on, then maybe a clear label with soap descriptions?
This is how I have always done my soaps in the past:


but I can't find this particular paper anymore and I really liked the look of the boxes... I thought about switching to plain mulberry tissue but I really like the leafy kind...
I also thoought of mulberry inside the boxes but that would defeat the whole purpose of people being able to see my soap... so???

anyhow, comments? useful tips? other pictures of the kraft boxes in use?

thank you!!
Those are very nice, Especially the opening. Lets the soap breath, allows people to snif the soap as well and see the texture.
I've been making my own boxes and printing them on an ink jet before i cut them out. I may have to try the opening as well. These are all paper ( 20lb bond) white and yellow except the light green at the top, it is 60 lb card stock.

I'm late on this post, but did you do anything with the box decor? I would suggest a simple grapevine around the name-label, and a bit above, covering maybe half the leaf opening, perhaps in a dark brown or dark green?
Wow! Any chance you can share how you make your boxes? Please tell me to mind my own business if this is a no-no to ask. :oops:
Nice boxes

I've found many nice box templates online I just print the template onto cardstock and cut it out Then fold along the lines and tada You have a nice box I usually label mine on the back but those are nice boxes It's a good idea to let people be able to smell your soap through the hole in the box
I will have to look some more for a template. I know I found one once but of course I didn't think to save the link.
If you have coral I can send you the template I made. Its in .cdr format so it will only work with Coral. The one I use most is for a bar size 2x3x1.
My version of coral is also older, Coarl draw 7.
If I can help let me know.

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