Hp PVC molds - heat tunner prevention

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Oct 24, 2016
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Hp PVC molds - heat tunnel prevention

Hi, new to soap making, I love the round molds with pvc pipe. my problem is everytime i get the long indents, i am assuming they are from heat/steam trying to escape. I have triedcolling hp soap a good 20 minutes before putting in mold, i have tried putting entire thing in freezer following molding, i have tried lined with butcher paper and no lining at all. Please HELP
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Can you let us know more - recipes in detail, temperatures when moulded, any fragrance oils, pictures before and after would also be handy.

I've not really seen anything that would make me think of escaping steam in my loaf mould, but it is wood so maybe it plays a part. Not used a pvc pipe but also not heard of others having this issue