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How to Make & Sell Soap Legally in Canada

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Nov 1, 2008
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I am going to offering workshops in a couple of categories to help soapmakers understand what our regulations are in Canada.

These workshops will be held via an on-line training platform and I will have a max of 5 people per workshop which will allow everyone to be able to ask questions as we go through everything. You will receive workshop training material prior to the class and the workshop will be for a minimum of 2 hours.

Cost is $50 .00 and there are no taxes applied to this.

How to complete the Cosmetic Notification Form

This workshop will help you understand what is needed to complete these forms which can seem so intimidating. We will go through how to fill this out step by step and we will use an actual recipe so you can see how the ingredients are figured out. We will go through some of the regulations so you will have a better and more comfortable feel to stay in compliance with our regulations by Health Canada.

How to label legally in Canada

Labels can be intimidating here in Canada as we do have specific regulations as to how to lay out our labels, what is required on them, plus we are a Bi-Lingual country and we have laws there too. This workshop will walk you through what needs to be on your labels, placement and claims. If you plan on selling your product via the internet across Canada you need to understand what is required. We will also touch on what large chains are looking for with regards to packaging and labels as well.

If you are interested please click HERE which will take you to the sign-up site.


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Feb 23, 2013
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hello looks good i was wanding where abouts these workshops take place or are they online workshops

thanks rob

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