Hi everyone! New poster here..

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Jan 5, 2008
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Southern Wi.
Well, I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. My name is Mickie, 43 single mom of 2, one is 21 and lives on his own (kinda)- and the other is minnie me and she`s 9.... I am a battery buyer/broker for my full time job.. I had a soap company for about 4-5 years when I got burned out... I was making like 400 bars every 2 weeks and doing shows etc every weekend... I did the CP soaps and lotion bars... Things got out of control though.. I went from like 10 scents to 30... Well, I got the "bug" again bad :shock: .. This time I am going to simplify things a bit... Maybe 6 scents..lol.. I also am going to try some melt and pour to see some variations that I couldn`t get with CP.. I found this board last night after searching endlessly for the empty and clear lotion stick containers.( not deodorant, I still have like 200) I lost a lot of my soap company info after a computer mishap, so if anyone has a good reasonable supplier of these I would greatly appreciate info! I look forward to chatting and sharing info!

Hi nice to meet you.
I went through the same thing you did. My first time around, I got burned out. When I came back, I started with 10 scents.. and I went right back to almost 30 now lol..

Here is my source for the lotion sticks you are looking for.

Hi Mickey, your so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey! Sorry, as most here know, I break out into singing quite often! :lol: Hi and welcome to the friendly soap forum! :)
Nice to meet you! I also have about 30 scents now in my collection. I always say Paul, stick to 5 to 10 max! I never do! :oops:

Paul... :wink:
(oooooooooooooh, Paul, I am tellin' Yorkie!)

I just forced myself to sell off 1/2 my fragrances. Now I am down to 50 :oops: .

I try & try to narrow my line down but it is a never ending battle. I don't do CP so it's a little differnt I know, but still!