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Mar 19, 2008
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Hello there,
I am a newbie...I live in Mississippi with my husband, we are a blended family, he brought 2 sons into the marriage and I have a son and a daughter. They are 26, 23, & 21 & 20. We have a beautiful grandson who is two years old..his name is Tyler but we call him Ty.
I have been using home made soaps for 2 years now along with organic or natural products. I started using them when my grandson Ty, was born....I did not want to put any harsh chemicals on him....that precious little angel!!! So, when I finally was able to find products for him, we all started using it to. It was hard to find anything locally and I had to order most of our products off the internet...so this led me to open an organic/natural product store. in our area.
After working very hard finding a location that was affordable, I took on the chore of remodeling the building to make it more pleasing for my customers...cleaned-primed and painted all walls....put down new wood floors, new baseboards, new crown....ordered all new shelving and started ordering products....oh how fun it was to order all these delicious products....then,
2 weeks before opening an 18 wheeler hauling another 18 wheeler, ran a red light, hit a car and ran thru my store!!!! Soooooooooo I am still waiting for the insurance company to reimburse me.....not sure now what to do with the store since the economy is getting bad...organic products are very expensive....BUT...I have decided I want to try making my own home made soaps for my family and friends....so this is how I found you guys....I know absolutely nothing about it, but I have ordered some books. I suppose I need to get a Tog thing that ya'll keep talking about...and a scale...and a stick blender.....I am going to spend hours pouring over this forum as all of you seem so full of knowledge...Anywho....I just wanted to say HI and tell you to keep up the good work
Hi and welcome to our forum. I am so sorry for the bad luck. I hope all turns out for the best for you and your family. I'm the TOG "thingy" guy.
If I can help you on the forum with soap making or with a new wood high quality mold, just ask! :wink:

Hello and Welcome!! I am a newbie as well and am looking forward to reading lots of things here and learning as well.
Welcome to our forum! The TOG thing everyone is referring to is actually a wood mold that our very own Soapmaker Man makes! PAUL ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!!! Hey!!! FOCUS!!!

Anywho, I posted a couple of links to some soapmaking kits you could buy that come with just about everything you need to get your soapin' on!!

Lemme see I will bump them so you can see!