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Michelle La

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Apr 27, 2024
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Hello All. I thought I should introduce myself as I’ve been hoovering up information from this site without adding anything of my own, which seems a little unfriendly.

I made my first two batches of soap about six or so years ago. Then I inadvertently became owned by an elderly cat and I didn’t dare make soap with him about so I knocked it on the head. He passed a couple of months ago at the ripe old age of 21, something I’m still finding difficult, but that’s another story. Anyway, two weeks ago I decided to try to make a batch of soap again and I gotta be honest, I’m at obsession level 99. There are so many bars of soap of varying quality curing all over my house, and I don’t even feel bad about it 🤣
Welcome Michelle, 21 is a good age for a cat, sounds like he had a good life. It's just the beginning of your soap all over the house.
I was going to describe it as a slippery slope, but the drop is completely vertical. I made this last night using up the leftover sodium hydroxide from years ago and three different colours. It’s giving me meat dress vibes and I guess I didn’t mix the white in properly because it has speckles, but I’m still happy with it.
The 'white speckles' in this case, are actually glycerin rivers. I often get them when using TD and gelling my soap.
Welcome to SMF. I've been to Watford. I remember shopping at a lovely mall you have there.
Thank you so much! I’ve read about glycerin rivers but didn’t realise they might look like that. I did insulate my soap in hopes of promoting gel phase for no other reason than impatience and reading that it helps set up faster. As I’m making more batches I’m trying to slow things down and have my soap come out less dented and looking like I chewed it. Curiosity killed the soap.

The centre has a new shop called Dunelm so I’m avoiding it. It’s a shop I’m way too fond of but I used to have to travel miles for it and now it’s on my doorstep 🫣
Hi and welcome! We lived in Watford for many years, and now I'm not far away in Hemel. I know what you mean about Dunelm - we have one here too!
Hi and welcome! We lived in Watford for many years, and now I'm not far away in Hemel. I know what you mean about Dunelm - we have one here too!
Thank you 😊 Small world, that’s the Dunelm I used to have to go to until I was blessed/cursed with my own.
Hi Michelle!

I grew up in Watford (well, Croxley really). Waving to you and @Babyshoes from where I am now in Berkhamsted. Doing well representing the A41 corridor 😁
My friend has been living in Croxley for a few months. I visit him often and it is the nicest most friendly place. It has a real little village feel about it but in a good way. The atmosphere in the Fox & Hounds is lovely, and yes I think we have visited ALL the pubs. Some great walks from there along the canal, really looking forward to summer.

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