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Jul 17, 2014
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I make jewelry as well as bath & body, and sell both in my booth. I wanted to do an experiment to see if bath & body would sell better if there was no jewelry there. But- I've only got 1 tent and 1 set of display stuff. I waited until I had someone who comitted to sharing a booth with me for bath & body before securing 2 booths for the show. Just got the message the woman has backed out. I've no idea what to do- I can't do 2 booths myself. 1 tent, not enough product, etc. I'm screwed here. :(
Can you track down someone else that will share with you ? or ask the market people if they have someone on their books that you could share with and get the money upfront for the cost then they can't back out.
Contact the organiser and explain the situation. They won't want an empty space so may be able to find someone to fill the extra booth space for you.

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