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OK - I don't normally use aloe juice as my liquids like the rest of you because I like to use fresh milk I can buy locally and not powdered. (I detest shipping fees.) I normally use aloe gel if I use aloe in a recipe. However...

I'm making a green tea and aloe soap and picked up some aloe juice. I was thinking of steeping my green tea into it. But then I thought of what the heat might do to the juice - maybe ruin it? Of course the lye could do that too. I am also a tad worried how it would react to heating and mixing with tea. Silly I know - but I have mixed a few things before that ended up being quite volatile without knowing about it. :shock:

Has anyone steeped tea or infused aloe juice with anything before adding to the soap? I kind of like my kitchen and don't feel like blowing it up today. Maybe tomorrow though... :)


I think it's a great idea to steep your tea into aloe juice instead of water.

And your very lucky to have a local supply for GM, and since I don't I use the canned stuff. However that does need to be mixed with 'water' to make the GM, but I don't and use aloe juice instead without any problems. And use 1 part aloe juice and 1 part GM to make my GM soap so all the liquids are GM. (more or less)

I do mix my lye into the aloe juice without any problems and others I know have used tea to mix with their lye without any problems.

But ask beebiz found out the tea makes a darker soap. I believe he told me the tea/lye mixture turned brown or blackish. You may want to read the baby poo thread or PM him directly about it.

But as far as steeping the tea in the aloe juice i see no problems at all with doing that. And would do it myself. (But the only tea i have in the house is pepperment herbal tea.) Oh and my favorite nestea powdered instant mix but that's sugared and has lemon (yummmy)..... Not really good for soaping but great for drinking !!!!!


Yeah - I've made it with the tea in the lye and several turned brown. However - I tried the plain old lipton green tea and it stays a yellowish tan. not as exciting as the other brands but I get the color I want. I guess we'll see if the tea color holds in the aloe juice. If not oh well. Brown soap is starting to grow on me. :roll:

Thanks Faithy! Actually - that peppermint tea might be very nice in a soap!

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