Increasing bubbles and lather - a question about GM and AVJ

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Sep 14, 2022
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Northern CA
Hi soapy pals!
I was reading a long thread from April, which now I can’t find to reference but it was helpful like so many prior discussions - lots of wisdom, fun facts and tips. Edit- found it: recipe feedback; How to get Palm-free & Vegan Conditioning Bubbles? - Please Critique but idk how to link to it.
I was super intrigued by the discussion about Aloe Vera Juice upping the bubbles/lather. I saw @KiwiMoose mention using AVJ frozen but not using AVJ if using milk in soaps.
Soooo, I make GM from powder with distilled water, freeze and use as 100% water replacement for my liquid. Is it an option to make my goat milk with the aloe vera juice and if so, would it give me better bubbles?
Curious for all options, opinions and if @KiwiMoose might explain more about her experience…. if it’s a can’t do, preference or something else. 🌸
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I've made goat milk soaps with AVJ as the liquid, and I used powdered goat milk. But I stick-blend the dry powder straight into my oils, and use the AVJ to dissolve the NaOH. Turned out great - nice and bubbly, and that conditioning finish that I love from goat milk. :)
I use cow's cream and aloe juice, lard, coconut oil and Castor oil.

I used frozen cream mixed with aloe liquid to dissolve the lye. Set lye liquid in ice water bath to keep from scorching. Melt solid oils and fats, add Castor Oil. Mix well and add fragrance or essential oil and mix with stick blender. Pour lye mixture into oils\fats and stick blend to very thin trace. Put in freezer overnight until set to prevent browning.

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