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I did a very long, layered soap log for my customers this weekend...only problem is the bottom layer separated from the middle layer...even though I did spritz generously with alcohol.....Any feedback on what could have happened.

The white layers are vanilla...the middle layer is lavender.

Is this M&P or CP soap? You wouldn't want to spritz CP with alcohol so I am assuming it's M&P? If so - did you score the bottom layers before pouring over it?

The trick to CP layers is letting the first layer get just setup enough to hold the next layer and so on. Gelling helps fuse the layers too. But yeah - no alcohol.
If it was M&P did you spritz the heck out of it & then pour the next layer while it was still wet? Acohol evaporates quick so you must pour fast!
wow you may be having seperation problems...but you are obviously very creative with soap making. ( sorry i have no answers for you)
Yes, it was melt and pour.

I fixed the problem by "painting" some warm melted soap between the two separated layers and letting it harden. It ultimately came out fine.
This may not be pertinent to your issue, but I love your moulds. Did you make or buy them. I would love to make a set if you have some details.

I ordered the molds from Soap Hutch ( They are plexiglas and are terrific.

They have three chambers which hold either CP or MP. I work in MP so being able to do three loaves at once without the seepage was attractive.

These perform beautifully.