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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
I was working on a custom order this weekend, and I took some pictures and it hit me... This would make the most adorable gift basket set! The individual items priced together at only $38.00!!! Some ribbon, a nice basket, some fluff, maybe a nice soap dish/candle holder. I'd say I have my $50.00 Holiday item! If you mixed up the colors, what a wonderful Fall set in shades of burgundy and burnt orange with hints of red? Or a Christmas set, green and red and gold...Or a winter set shimmery blues, white and silver?? :D :D :D And don't even get me started on the possible Holiday scent combination's!!! :lol:



Thank you :) I think my pictures need to be a bit brighter...

I had a little artistic ground with the design. The customer was SO wonderful to work with!
OMG Lane those are beautiful!! Is that for etsy also or your other site? Awesome you give me so much inspiration! I love that your basket is very colorful and eye catching.
Lane said:
Thank you :) I think my pictures need to be a bit brighter...

I had a little artistic ground with the design. The customer was SO wonderful to work with!

Those pictures are absolutely perfect seriously!
Thanks y'all!!

They were for my Etsy. I get a lot of custom Hello Kitty orders on Etsy. This was the biggest one for sure though.

Annnnnnd. I just ordered a TON of fall/winter fragrance oil samples :oops: Probably shouldn't have done it while I was so excited.....
WOW!!!!! Those are awesome Lane!!!! You are a fab "soap stylist" and maker. :D :D

Hi Lane,

I figured since my last photography suggestions went soooooooooooo well :wink: :roll: I would chance it to give you one wanted to bump up the brightness a bit on those pics, maybe a couple of degrees more of contrast might do the trick. Anyway, the best thing I find about these photo editing prog's is that they have an "undo" button!!! Totally screw-up proof!!! :p Even for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p


Della :D

PS~~you are a soapy artiste!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Lane are those soy tealights or parafin? The color mix is an awesome idea! Very beautiful once again.
Thanks everyone! :)

Digit- I want something that says "Certified Soap Stylist".... If anyone ever asks me what I "do" that's what I am going to say!

beadella- Thanks for the tip. I had to edit them SO much already, After looking at them for an hour I had to step away from the computer. Now that's it has been a few days, I am playing with them again! :) It would be nice if I could just take the darn picture perfect in the first place. :roll:

pepperi27- They are all soy. I do a container/votive blend! Was having to many problems with the CB being too soft and the VB being too hard, after a month of experimenting, I have a "master recipe" sheet for all of the votive and container blend percentages to use.

The color mix was a complete accident! :lol: The green ones are Caramel Apple colored with BlackLight responsive neon green, The pink ones are pink sugar dyed with just a hint of red, accidentally got a couple of them too dark...And the white ones are sweet fig with no dye. Once I had them all together, I was like, WOW! Those look pretty darn sweet. It also happened to be chance they matched the soaps!! *Looks around* Um wait... i TOTALLY meant to do that! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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