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Aug 31, 2019
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I posted last week about constant issues with my palm recipe. I was beyond frustrated and on the fence about lard. Well, yesterday, I revamped everything I have been doing. I swapped out my palm for lard, soaked at 90* (my studio was about 95* and my oil would cool any lower...and I may have panicked that my oils were going to re-solidify). I even gathered up the guts to add mica with reckless abandon (I can be such a sissy).

I hated the piggy smell, but it was gone after adding it to my other oils. It traced sooo much slower, so I got my best drop swirl yet. It isn't super, but it's a million times better than my usual try with 3 minutes of working time. I used about 10 minutes, and it was the most fun I've had soaping in three years! I used Sweet Pea FO from NG. The notes say that it
accelerates trace extremely fast, but compared to my palm soap, it was still much, much slower.

I still have an unopened bucket of no-stir palm that I'll begrudgingly use for vegan soaps, but soaping with lard, at lower temps was like a dream.