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I don't know about any of you but I like to use liquids in my soaps that need to be used or frozen or they will go bad. One of them being heavy whipping cream........ And over the holidays the grocery store had it on sale !!! So I stocked up, well now it's about to expire so I wanted to freeze it for soap making later.

This isn't the first time I've done this and I also do it with my canned goats milk as well. But it's just an idea.

But I found I like to freeze it in 8 oz baby bottles of all things. (who knew) anywho....... because sealing caps are hard to find one thing I do is this. Since I have a TON of sealing disks because of my other craft. But I glue the sealing disk to the nipple ring, that way it won't leak for love or money. And fill my bottles up with the weight I need for my recipes. This sure saves time measuring later. I just thaw and use.

Then I use a 7x7 priority mail box and put 9 bottles in full or empty just to hold them up right without falling over to freeze. That way they freeze totally upright and won't fall over if someone goes in the freezer and bumps them. My kids love our ice maker and are always in the freezer and while it's first freezing I like them to be upright after that it doesn't matter.

Oh and you don't have to buy new, think garage sales and thrift stores. But you can buy a 3 pack of gerber or enfamil 8oz bottles for about 3 bucks so keep that in mind. It's cheap and reusable.

The picture shows a grad-u-feed bottle by enfamil with my sealing disk and my faux formula. But it gives you the idea.

So if anyone here in the states wants some sealing disks just let me know. I've got so many of them I don't know what to do with them all. LOL And I'll gladly pass them on to anyone who can use them to freeze liquids like I do.

ok that's it........


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Dec 12, 2007
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Hi, my name is Jeff and I am new here. What a great idea for freezing!
I would love to have some. I wont need a lot, but a handful :?:
Please let me know what you want for them.
Thank you,


nothing........ i can't even sell them on ebay......

and I have oodles of them cause I buy bottles with them to make doll bottles but don't use the sealing disk part.

and postage won't be much first class, so i'll send ya a pm and you can send me your addy and i can pop some in an envelope and mail out to you.


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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
This really is a good idea for freezing! I also wouldn't need much, just like Jeff, a handful so I could try the process out. I'd gladly pay for them... Just let me know. :)


They really do work great, and because i bought cream while it was on sale at a super good price I froze 4 quarts today....... Yay!!!!!

just PM me your addy and I'll get them out to you.

and no charge, just return some favor to someone else some time.