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Nov 19, 2007
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What can I use to make my soaps smell great and not cost an arm and leg?

I wonder if the fragrances will stay on your skin when you use it?


Some do, some don't, you just have to buy it, make it & test it to see. That is why it takes people years to get a really good quality product. There is a lot of testing and research to be done.
Yea, some last a while, and some basically wash down the drain. I think EO's stay on the skin a bit longer in my experience, than FO's. This is a good question that I've seen asked elsewhere many times, and like Tab said, some are better than others. I tell my customers, my soap is aroma therapy in the shower. That is what I strive for, just a great lathering, conditioning bar that takes your mind off your worries for 10 minutes. If you can do that, and leave a scent on a body for a little while, well, you've accomplished a good thing! Keep those questions coming!

Paul... :) :wink: