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Jan 3, 2008
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Would it be rude or inappropriate to discuss a coop opportunity that is going on on another board?
Hi! First off I/we want to thank you for asking this question before posting any links to the other forum. 8) It is considered a bit unethical to discuss and name another forum while at this forum. We appreciate getting in on a good deal, but lets keep all deals to co-ops on this forum. If you are interested in running a co-op here on our forum, just shoot a PM to any moderator or Mandy and we'll see what we can do! We are implementing new rules regarding co-ops here at this forum as most other forums require a minimum membership time and minimum number of posts.
Once again, thank you for asking, it shows much consideration on your part to ask. :wink:

I am so glad I asked! I have just seen things like "That other board" a few to many times to go bumbling off on my own! KWIM? Thanks Paul

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