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Tanya G

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Aug 11, 2021
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Hey everyone! So it's 4am my time and I just jumped out of my sleep realizing that I forgot to add Hemp Seed Oil to my soap! My recipe is 71oz, superfat 5%, lye concentration 35%. I know I could just rebatch and make it rustic ( there goes my beautiful swirls )but I'm wondering if the coconut powder I added could help a little. It was only a tbsp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!


A few questions:
My recipe is 71oz
Is this total or the oil amounts only?

I'm wondering if the coconut powder I added could help a little.
What is coconut powder?

I think your soap will be lye heavy, but without the full recipe, I can't say for sure. I tried reverse engineering one of my recipes to recreate the situation, but math and I are not friends today. I would give it a week and zap test it.

Two options if it is lye heavy:
1. rebatch with the 10% hemp added.
2. as it may only be slightly lye heavy, give it a long cure to see if it stops zapping. I've made intentionally lye heavy soaps and gave them a long cure and they came out fine in the end. Not everyone is comfortable doing this though, so work with your comfort level.

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