First ever soaps from a total novice!

Discussion in 'The Photo Gallery' started by The Cat Lady, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Wigan, England
    Yay another English person :dance:

    We are few and far between on this forum. Welcome though regardless of nationality it is a very very friendly place and the knowledge you will pick up will be invaluable over time. Iv been a member since about july august last year honestly what iv learnt here would probably of taken me years to learn on my own.

    @Zing Thats what happens when you are English we nearly all have superior knowledge and talent ;)

    Plus those english with cats are always super talented. Wait you arnt a crazy cat lady are you?

    Btw if you need any help with finding places online to buy supplies Im sure one of us awesome brits will give you a point in right direction :thumbs:
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