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Mar 7, 2016
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First ever batch, HP
300g coconut oil
44g lye (NaOH)
114g water
First error - small batch hard to mix but ended up with what seemed to be a light to medium trace
Used a Pyrex bowl over a saucepan to heat
Mix basically looked like it was melting into a clear liquid no waves, no mashed potato
Freaked out a bit and gave it a stir and it almost instantly turned super thick, flaky, waxy and hasn't changed in over an hour.
Pretty sure I overheated it and have over stirred it.
Can I save it?
What is the max cooking temperature for hot process soap?

I went to stir the mix and I appear to have achieved gel stage without seeing any bubbling or wave motion. No zap on the tongue so maybe it worked better than I thought. I have blobbed the mix into a container and I will see what happens by tomorrow

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