Favorite vanilla fragrances from Nature's Garden?

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May 10, 2016
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I've been planning another fragrance oil order from ND and they have sooo many different vanilla type scents! What are some of your favorites? Have you gotten to do a comparison between, for instance, Vanilla Bean, V Extract, and V Spectacular? I'm also curious about V Silk but the description says it doesn't last well in CP.

As an aside, if you've tried them what do you think of their honey scents like OMH, Honey Bunny, Honey-Vanilla Love Dust, etc?

Since I've been making milk soap I have noticed a faint sort of buttered-popcorn scent from the butyric acid. I do use frozen milk and sloowly add the lye but it's still there. Not sure but if I can't get rid of it then maybe I can use scents that pair well with buttery notes? I dunno. Or just add more FO. We'll see..

Edit for spelling oops. And I reviewed the main vanilla test thread and didn't see many NG scents there. Looks like V Bean is the winner but I would love to read opinions about any others. Vanilla and/or honey. :)
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Thanks. I'll probably just get that one but I'm so curious about the others as well. I did see that thread and there were a few votes for Vanilla Bean but it was tough to sift through and find opinions about other NG vanillas, if there were any. There were a few comments that shared scent names but I don't think they were NG's. Maybe I just missed them.
I've only used Vanilla Bean from NG and love it. I also use their OMH and it's very nice. A tad lighter than Brambleberry's but just as sweet and delicious-smelling. It's one of my top sellers.

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