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Carly B

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Jul 18, 2019
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Making soap in the Forest House
Would there be any logical reason why colloidal oatmeal would affect lather? I have a standard 40% tallow recipe (an aside---after three years of soaping, I no longer feel compelled to experiment with different oils and ratios for EVERY batch), which is hubby's favorite, and I usually add powdered goatmilk to every batch (unless I have a request for vegan soap).

I had some Vanilla Oat Milk fragrance from Scent Memory, so I decided I would add some colloidal oatmeal and make an "Oat'n Goat" soap. 😁

The lather is amazing. I always use a nylon pouf in the shower with my soap, which increases the lather exponentially, but I was still amazed. The lather is so thick and glorious it's like washing with whipped cream. The only thing different in this soap vs my standard tallow soap is the fragrance and the colloidal oatmeal. I've heard of using sugars to increase lather, but I've never seen anything about colloidal oatmeal doing that. Would it be residual natural sugars in the oats? I only added about a tablespoon for the pound of oils, so it wasn't a lot.