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But… but… bubble wrap makes the better honeycomb mould inlay!

Should I ever start selling, I'd watch out for a source of hexagonal cardboard boxes. It can hold just one slice of column bar soap, and the no-glue resealable pinwheel closure is ingenious (and it reminds me of Baumkuchen 😋).

The hexagonal boxes look great!
😋 me too for the Baumkuchen!
I'm actually in a mood to craft one, just for fun. Maybe even with a window (from a paper-based mail envelope window?).

Baumkuchen for everyone!

Another idea – no clue if this maybe is a thing for a long time already: For selling in a shop, you could put them into a chute-? thingie (no idea how this is even called in my own language). No packaging needed, they're still somewhat protected against weather and curious hands, but potential customers can sniff if they like the fragrance.
Thanks, but I'll resort to cut templates from Teh Internet™ only as a last resort, when I can't find Baumkuchen at tomorrow's shopping tour!

ETA: It turns out that twist-close/twist-top hexagon boxes have their own dedicated DIY subculture… you just have to know what to search for.
I used to use cigar bands, but the bands become frustrating as the bars continue their shrinking journey.

Currently I wrap my soap with paper. They look nice but it can be a pain to wrap each bar.

Does anyone here have a favorite company they purchase their box with window?
I used to use cigar bands, but the bands become frustrating as the bars continue their shrinking journey.
Punch a hole into the soap and run the banderole through it?
I started with cigar bands. Got tired of those quickly as I didn't people getting the soaps dirty, they tore, got caught on things, etc.,
Moved to shrink wrap. People fussed that they couldn't smell the soap, and of course, they needed hit with heat now and again.
Moved to making my own boxes with my Cameo. So time-consuming but we did it for about a year.
Now we buy our boxes and add our labels. Our boxes have a window so people can see the designs and smell. Transporting is much easier and customers love the boxes.
I'm using the box with window for standard soap. Special soaps (ex Christmas) have half boxes. My customers always complain that they can't smell through the plastic.
I bought a National Shrinkwrap system and use biolefin which they promote as degrading faster in a landfill. It is petroleum based. I’m still not great at shrinkwrapping, but learning. For the farmer’s market I have been going to I have a sample in a small waxed paper bag that people can smell. It’s awkward in the time of Covid, people aren’t sure if they can pull their masks down or not, but it at least lets them smell the bars. For my one wholesale account, there aren’t any samples, all the bars are shrink wrapped, but people seem to be buying it anyway.
For three special orders I did I used floral tissue paper to wrap the soap. Floral tissue is waxed so it is a little stronger but very translucent, and you can smell the soap through it. Of course, the wax is petroleum based too, but for the clients who chose it they didn’t like the aesthetics of the shrink wrap. I cut the floral tissue to size on a large cutting mat with a straight edge, several sheets at a time. Then each bar gets wrapped like a little present. It sounds time consuming but wasn’t that bad. Here is a photo of one of the orders with its floral tissue wrapper. I bought the floral tissue from Papermart and from Nashville Wraps, I like the Nashville Wraps paper slightly better, it seems a little stronger and actually more translucent.
This is the papermart paper.
I could envision ramping up this system. The floral tissue will get loose over time as the soap shrinks, so that is a consideration.
I am looking into packaging my soaps. I would like to do a poll on which packaging is most liked regardless of cost.
Please pick your favorite 2 and recommend anything else I might have omitted.
Thank you.

1. Cigarette Band
2. Box with window
3. Box without window
4. Clam Shell
5. Shrink Wrapped
6. Hemp Ziploc
7. Naked
Hiya Daisy,
I would go for these two as you can see and smell the soaps without touching them too much.
1. Cigarette Band and 2. Box with window
Please pick your favorite 2 and recommend anything else I might have omitted.

1. Cigar Band
2. Box with window
3. Box without window
4. Clam Shell
5. Shrink Wrapped
6. Hemp Ziploc
7. Naked
My 2 favorites:
1. Cigar Band
7. Naked

For the 1st four years of selling at my annual garage sale, Naked bars sold very well. $300 - $500 every year. I set one bar of each soap out in a soap dish for sniffing. The rest were displayed behind them in baskets. 😉 :thumbs:

I can't over-emphasize the importance of fragrance. Fragrance sells! Whichever packaging you choose it's best to keep that in mind. 😁
@Vicki C
You won't believe it!
A few days ago, I was on "The Nova Studio" website to buy the Soapmaker 3 Professional software and the National Shrinkwrap system to use with the perforated biolefin shrink film.
I got the software but the National Shrinkwrap system is currently out of stock:(

Thank you for your contribution:)

@Soapydaze and @Zany_in_CO

Thank you!

Naked as we came would have been the best:)
However with the current global situation, I have settled on boxes with windows. For some sales and donations, I shall be shrink wrapping.

A Victorious 2022 to all to us!!
1. Naked
2. Box with (open) window.

In New Zealand, anything with plastic packaging is a consumer no-no. Even if it is biodegradable - customers don't know that and complain that it is covered in plastic.

For me - the two biggest selling points of my soap are fragrance and appearance. I don't want to cover either of those up with packaging. People are attracted to my soap by looking at it (visual) first, and then by the fragrance second.

I keep the little organza bags with me at markets, and display some of my soaps in them, but mostly I display them naked on big serving platters. I ask people if they want an organza bag upon purchase and they often do if buying for a gift, but if it's for themselves they prefer without.
Biggs &......... have interesting packaging!
Another reason for liking this clever set-up, the 16 different soaps are displayed at "eye-level" which is something you don't often see at markets/events. And if you note the crates, almost all the products will fit into the three of them for lugging to the table for quick & easy set-up and knock down. 😉 :thumbs:

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