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Another reason for liking this clever set-up, the 16 different soaps are displayed at "eye-level" which is something you don't often see at markets/events. And if you note the crates, almost all the products will fit into the three of them for lugging to the table for quick & easy set-up and knock down. 😉 :thumbs:
Yes Indeed- to both observations! ;)
I wrap mine in Glassine Paper. I like Recycle options. I was looking into a stronger wrap, but not much. Do you have any suggestions?
I like plain kraft (brown) paper. A lot of people use scrapbook paper, which is pretty and you can choose your designs. I'm currently experimenting to see how well cut up compostable food storage bags work. They are translucent and seem to be holding up well, but it is difficult to get a crisp fold and it is more time consuming. Target carries a couple of sizes Matter 100% Compostable Sandwich Bags - 50ct
Wow So interesting. Kraft Paper. Is that the same as constructon paper? I really like the idea of see thru packaging. The compostable sandwich bags are an Epic Find. I will check those out too.. I use the Glassine because it's semi see through and eco friendly. But it is flimsy. It has been working so far but I'm looking for something sturdier. I would use a stronger paper and forgo the visual if it looks good. I will definitely try these both. I love the ideas. Thank You so much!
is it too late to vote?
I didn't see anybody else say doggie poo bags
I know I'm not the only person here to ever gift soap in doggie poo bags
I've gifted (and sold) a WHOLE lot of soap in those doggie poo bags
the expression on their face when you hand them a pound and a half of soap... priceless

I am looking into packaging my soaps. I would like to do a poll on which packaging is most liked regardless of cost.
Please pick your favorite 2 and recommend anything else I might have omitted.
Thank you.

1. Cigarette Band
2. Box with window
3. Box without window
4. Clam Shell
5. Shrink Wrapped
6. Hemp Ziploc
7. Naked

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