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  1. David Christopher


    im not sure how this thread gonna turn out but ... here it goes Ok using Crisco in my soap. I know it’s awful to take internal heath wise ( but it does make good fried chicken) 1) Is it vegan friendly (using the vegetable oil version) 2)It has palm oil in it .. anyone know if it’s the...
  2. David Christopher

    Evaporated Goats Milk

    Hey there All Just wondering will regular goats milk you purchase in the cold section and evaporated canned goats milk to be treated differently. Recently I added frozen goats milk (the carton kind) in place of water and was able to make some nice soap.( the green bars) Then I bought canned...
  3. David Christopher

    Pumpkin soap for beginner

    Hello to all I need a little help with playing around with recipes. I’m planning on making a very simple Pumpkin soap, using either a very simple 3 oil Crisco or olive oil recipe that may include goat milk. I have seen s number of recipes and was wondering. Do I reduce my water ( goats milk)...
  4. DianaMoon

    Spectrum Vegetable Shortening - How to Calculate

    Should I calculate it as regular palm oil, or as Crisco with palm oil? The two yield different results from Soap Calc.
  5. R

    Simple soap from pantry - need help with recipe

    I want to make some soap with what is on hand. I have Crisco shortening (all vegetable) - it is white with: soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed & soybean oils. I also have Olive oil (virgin) and canola & soybean oil and Lye. I was using the soap...
  6. B

    First Post HP Soap Problem

    Ok, to start I'm a newbie on this forum. I make HP soaps because I don't have the space to have 100's of bars of soap curing. My recipies are all based on CP soaps and have always worked out well. I always used a lard based recipies. My niece is a vegan so she wanted me to go all plant based...
  7. J

    Labeling Question

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and this is my first post here. I have just started making cp soap three days ago. I have been doing research and watching videos for months, so I am so very excited to start experimenting. It's becoming an obsession. Anyway, I have a quick question about...