easy-release spray for plastic molds!

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Jul 31, 2008
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guntersville, al
a c/p soaper gave me this website for food-grade silicone spray. she said she uses this on flexible tray molds and individual molds. soaps release easily in a day or two. she uses molds that have some "give" to them. she didn't know if this would work with m/p soap or hard/rigid molds. just ordered some. hope it works as well as she says!

www.webstarauntstore.com 11 oz spray can for less tha $4. it's worth a try!

When I've been in a pinch....I've also used Pam spray and it's worked too.....even on getting soap out of a custard cup. :)
silicone spray

i've got 3 plastic 10-bar molds from www.chaseco.com that i just love, but no matter what i use or do--freezer, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc i cant get the mold to release for about 3 weeks! it must be because it's 1.5 " deep, and the soft soap on the bottom it still sticky. i have been making soap in individual silicone molds and just love them! maybe this will do the trick...


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