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Nov 18, 2015
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Yesterday I made a tiny batch of hp shaving soap from the recipe found in the big thread and I know it should cure for a couple of weeks or longer. Like a stupid I put it into the 2 tubs I had from old soap I bought. I used fragrance oil that I had laying around and it doesn't smell to strong. Can I put the lids on the tubs to keep the smell in while it cures or does it need to be open to the air. I don't want to lose the fragrance. Thanks!
Me three! :)

Leaving them exposed to the air is actually a part of the curing process. As water is allowed to evaporate, the CO2 in the air, which is slightly on the acidic side, reacts with the alkalinity in the soap, which helps to make the soap more mild over time (at least as mild as the formula will allow anyway). Cutting them off from the air will only slow the whole cure process down.

Re: the scent: Even if your scent seems to be weak from the outside, it's possible that the scent is one of those that will amaze you with how much it blooms when you actually use the soap. Such has happened to many of us with certain, seemingly weak-on-the-outside scents. As they are lathered up in the shower, they can actually bloom to the point of scenting up the whole bathroom.

IrishLass :)
OK, thanks! It's weird but the scent is coming back after a few days so all might not be lost. I tried a little piece that did not make it into the tubs and it lathers up really good. I have a shaving brush coming today and I'm getting antsy to use it. How long should I let it cure?

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