Coffee Butter!! Yum!

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Sep 13, 2007
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I told everyone I would give an update on my coffee butter experimentation, so here it is. It has taken a while because I got the bright idea to infuse my oil with spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) so that took about 2 weeks of waiting! It was worth it! And the coffee butter is definately worth the money! I whipped it up with the oil and little bit of cocoa butter then a dash of chocolate FO. I can't stop smelling it or slathering myself!! I am just going to make it for personal use since the price is so high but I am definately addicted! So...that's that. Thanks for letting me rant!! :lol:
That sounds wonderful. I wish the price was less for the coffee butter. Sounds to me we need to fo a co-op!
I know! The price is the only bummer. So far I have found that WSP has the cheapest price. It smells so good though, next I am going to put it in a sugar scrub!
Ok, excuse a noob here, what are hydrogenated oils?

And please, if anyone of you make it please post pics!
It is a remarkable scent. Nice coffee scent, not overwhelmingly strong, but clearly it is coffee. I made a whipped shea with the coffee butter - HUGE hit. I work part-time in a coffee bar, so you have to know everyone loves it. :D I also added some in the cafe mocha soap I made. You almost want to eat it. k
gallerygirl -
I am a newbie and am curious as to what ratio of Shea, coffee butters and oils you use?
Also do you use refined Shea? I used unrefined and the smoke scent is quite strong in my first whipped cream attempt!
:oops: Well, I don't remember. I bought my shea butter from a health food store, I would guess it was refined. I used 8oz of the shea, 2 oz of the coffee butter and some coffee scent. Then added .5 oz of sweet almond oil for every ounce of butter. Melted then together, then whipped them in a bowl that was set into a bowl of ice. I followed the directions from another thread somewhere here. It is awesome. Good luck! k
I just made some Turkish Mocha soap. I bet it would smell heavenly in a recipe like this....

Someone make Coffee butter cheaper :cry:

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