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Aug 5, 2014
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Eastern Canada
My brain is on strike...I think I'm doing this right, but it's just one of those days where it doesn't LOOK right. I was also one of those kids who was tormented by the teacher in math so I already doubt just about any calculation I do.

Here are my starting numbers...

10g of CA neutralizes 6.24g of NaOH (numbers courtesy of DeeAnna!)

My recipe uses:
40.81g of Citric Acid
355.07g of 1:1 premixed lye solution
272.09g added water

(40.81/10)*6.24=25.5 extra lye needed
25.5*2=51g of extra lye solution needed

So I need 406g of lye solution and to reduce my added water to 246.6g

Do I get a gold star?

I know that it's not that huge a deal to the super fat, but I've recently switched to working with premixed solution and part of running the equation is just to make sure I'm understanding everything correctly.

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