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Feb 21, 2021
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I mixed up my lye and after doing so, realised I'd used enough water and sodium hydroxide for a full loaf, not the half batch I wanted. Not to worry, I made up the right quantities and carried on. But now I have this lye left and whats a girl to do but make some more soap?!

However, I use citric acid and I only used 10g (for the half batch) not 20g so my lye is 6g over. What I want to know is whether I can get away with this and it'll just make my super fat around 2 - 3 %. Or can I add the additional citric acid directly to the lye? When I've done this with other additives, sugar for example, it went a bit Pete tong. Alternatively, how much extra oils could / should I add? And aside from punching a whole bunch of random numbers into soap calc, how would I ever work this out???

Water: 288g
Sodium hydroxide: 142g plus 12g to compensate for CA = 154g
Citric acid: 10g

Lard 50% (515g)
Coconut oil 15% (154)
Cocoa butter 10% (103g)
Castor 5% (51g)
Olive oil 10 (103g)
Sunflower oil 10% (103g)

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