chocolate bars???

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Dec 23, 2007
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ok I cannot rememebr :?: I saw the most amazing bar of soap looked dark brown with a light creamy color swirled I believe it was a coco soap,with recepie, I thought I saw it on this forum but I may be wrong, I have seen so many gorgeous soaps latley :lol: Can someone telle me where it may be. Ive been thinking on a almond and choco bar, but for now its just a dream.......
Smelli does a great chocolate bar & a chocolte coffee bar. Her soaps are the prettiest!
I make both.
Are you looking for a recipe?


This has a cocoa powder swirl. With a Dutch Chocolate FO[/img]
chocolate bars

I just checked the forum and saw your "delicous' LOOKING SOAP. wOULS YOU SHARE THE RECIPE?? :D :D :D
My Goodness smellitlikeitis that sure is some pretty Chocolate soap. Im a soap newby (13 batches to date) I tried swilling once and ended up with a good batch of dog soap LOL. My dog loves it, He gets my bad batches.

You are very good!
Here's a two-tone vanilla batch I made last month. I used both vanilla essential oil (the lighter brown) and vanilla fragrance oil (darker). I was trying for a layered look, but the second half of the batch hardened before I got to it,so I had to HP the whole thing in the oven. This is why the two colors got mixed together.


Chocolate fo comes out dark too, but I don't have any now. I found that it takes a full year to sell 30 bars of chocolate soap, whereas my herbals sell out every month.
I find that eo's thicken up less quick than fo's. So I poured the eo one into the bottom of the log mold, then went back to the second, unscented half in the pot, and noticed that it was already quite thick, unscented. I added the fragrance oil anyways, stirred like a madwoman, and glopped it into the mold on top of the eo soap.

Two hours later, feeling uneasy about it, in case the fo didn't mix in well enough ( I usually add fragrance at light trace, not to thick pudding), I lifted the lid.
* I typically never peek before 12 hours are up.

As suspected, the fo was pooling all over the top. So I scooped the entire contents of the log, eo and fo both, and glopped the whole mess into a ss pot. Put it into the oven at 250 and cooked it for a half hour.

This meant stirring and mixing the eo soap and the fo soap together, which was not my intention.

I think the soap turned out ok, but I would have preferred layers.