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Jan 15, 2007
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Not sure if anyone has seen this or not but, there is a candle machine that is supposed to safely allow you to make candles without messing with melted wax. I've seen it in the craft shop near my apartment and it looks interesting for those looking to try it out. It seems safe enough and the base fits many different size molds. Not sure if its good or not but it only costs $35.00.
I found this exact one on ebay. It has about 1 day +12 hours left and it's only $1.75 right now. However, it doesn't have the wax and other items that the one at abc has. I looked into purchasing the one that abc has just because it looks really simple to use. It's now at abc for $32.95.

Comes with:
Just secure your mold in the holder, add wax to the machine, close the locking lid, open the easy-pour valve, and you're on your way to foolproof candle making!
Candle maker maintains a safe, even melting temperature for perfect candle pouring every time.
Set includes:
UL-Listed candle maker (12-3/4" x 10" x 9-1/2") with adjustable candle mold holder
6" polycarbonate pillar candle mold
1 pound of premium granulated wax
36" of string wicking
Wick holder
Mold sealer
Complete instructions and tips for making perfect candles
Wax color may vary.
Not recommended for children.

hi, did anyone purchase this machine..and if so ..was it worth it...??
their ok. they are a little akward to work but not to bad if you just want to play around.
It does look simple! But I add my FOs at a high temp and then pour different waxes at different (lower) temps, so I'm not sure how that would work.
I remember reading about a candlemaking machine a couple years back. What I remember are bad reviews. Seems it was a pretty big disappointment to those that tried it out.

If you just want to buy one to try it out and don't really make a lot of candles it could be fun. But if you are already a candlemaker I would not waste my time or money on a machine with limitations.

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