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Dec 10, 2012
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Does anyone know if there are any shops in the Denver, CO area that carry LX candle wicks?
I am ready to give candle making a try. I have been thinking of making a variety of container type candles from various types of wax. Mainly pariffin and beeswax. At the moment I have enough wax to get started but don't have wicks. I have been looking at LX wicks and would like to try a few sizes but just getting wicks online is killing in the shipping. The containers I am going to start with will be small cat food cans and 8oz mason jelly jars. These have a diameter of 2.25 - 2.6 or so. I was thinking of trying LX12, LX14 and LX16 sizes for these and possibly blending my waxes with coconut oil to adjust melting point. Thanks in advance for any information.
Not anymore. There used to be but they have gone out of business, and now there is nobody that carries them locally.
Candles Science would be the closest and has reasonable shipping.

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