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May 4, 2008
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Hi All, I cannot find any stores in Victoria Australia that sell Soap making supplies so I'm having to do alot of my research on the internet.

My question is, I found a really good Candle making website and they sell colourings but the details says "Highly concentrated dye blocks suitable for soy, paraffin and palm waxes. "

Does this mean that they can be used in Soap?

Thanks in advance
Candle coloring isn't skin safe. For your soapmaking, you need colors that are skin or cosmetic safe. I only buy my colorings from vendors who sell to soapers that way I know what I'm getting.
Hey, another Aussie!!

We aren't anywhere near as blessed with soapmaking suppliers as the guys from America are. Anything I can't get from Woolies I have to buy online, which is pretty much everything except for Olive Oil & caustic soda.

My favorites are: - these guys are in Perth. They have great customer service, and lots of recipes, how-tos, and general info. - they are in NSW, a bit closer to you. Customer service is great, they have about the biggest range of packaging, apart from New Directions. - More natural / organic stuff here. When you are making an order, remember that all prices quoted are GST EXCLUDED. Your order will be 10% dearer at checkout. That said, they do have some great items. Don't rely on them to give you any info on how to use said items tho!! - I've only ordered from these guys once, but they currently have the best price on bulk coconut oil. It was $55 for a 20kg drum from them. The closest price to that was $85 for the exact same drum (size, brand, etc) from Heirloom. - She is great!! She sells molds and a large range of FO's & her customer service is AWESOME!

Hope this helps a little!
Becky said:
Anything I can't get from Woolies I have to buy online, which is pretty much everything except for Olive Oil & caustic soda.
Wow, you down-unders are in Castile jail! :)
Hi Becky, good to hear another Aussie uses this forum.

I have been doing so much research and asking around and everyone gives me funny looks when you talk about soap making supplies.

I have seen all of the websites you have mentioned. I actually purchased from New Directions and they are great.

Lovehound, you guys are so lucky over there it seems you have so many places to purchase materials.

Thanks again for the replies.
I am lucky. Part of my luck is living in a big city (Los Angeles) which of course has its own built-in punishment, but shopping is definitely high on the list of benefits of living in a big city.

Would you believe my oils supplier is within a 25 minute drive of home? They carry about 25 different products. Last visit I bought coconut and palm there (got my EVOO at a grocery) and tomorrow I'm considering a return to my oils supplier to get avocado, castor, jojoba, shea butter and maybe some soybean. I can call on the phone and they'll have it ready for pick up, or I can just walk in unannounced and they'll have me in and out in 10-15 minutes.

Unfortunately they sell only oils and will do you no good on any other soapmaking supplies. (Well, they do sell base for M&P.)