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Sep 28, 2017
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Hi. There are a few threads about moustache/mustache wax (my search-fu is getting better!), including a 'harder hold' (using dink gum).
I am uncomfortable using an ingredient without sufficient explanation/research and I have yet to find it on *using* dink gum - let alone finding a non-bezos + local (Canada) supply.
Also, in running across information about using resins, I got a bit weirded out by some warnings about containers and getting them too sticky and...random stuff that does not form in my head because: losing my brain function.

Looking to increase the hold on my moustache wax though.

Currently I am at:
3 parts beeswax
1 part carrier oil
5 drops EO

Story time:
During a grooming spree last week, I though to myself, "Self - what if I combined my moustache wax...and maybe some of this Captain Fauwcett's on the tips...?" (because my curlies on the ends are not quite as...umm...refined as some of the more glamoureuse presentations online. It was super cool - except I usually do not wash it out at the end of the day and it tickled my cheeks incessantly during the "pretend to sleep but fail due to insomnia" portion of my day.

Things I plan on trying:
- Increasing the beeswax to the largest percentage I can find in a reasonably "looks like a real website and not just clickbait" recipe I can find online
- Try cera bellina wax, which a devotee of seemed to be mentioning this quite often awhile back (I forget who - but I remember the wax! Thank you!)
- Post on SoapMakingForum to see if anyone has any random input and/or spark a conversation because I am a disabled shut-in with no life and need to make more stache wax this week (Ta Dah!)

In a current pain cycle, so just waiting until that subsides a bit, and then I have a list of things I have to make! (running low on candles, etc)
Also plotting an order to a new vendor and I am somehow programmed to order *everything* *I* *can* so I do not have to pay multiple times for shipping. (It is also NOT in Ontario so will be paying more for shipping - so, get it all while I can!)

Random organisational charts describing string theory with haiku?

Edit to Add: Any different waxes or resin additions would need to be white, tho - or at least not impart any colour especially yellowing. My beard/stache are grey to white (mostly): I use a blueing shampoo to keep it as white as white and I dye them with Manic Panic "Blue Steel" because I love a beautiful big white beard...for now (until I get the nerve to go more Mrs Slocum with the beard).
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