Can i paint on soap? (A valentines day soap idea questison)

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Dec 14, 2006
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For valentines i thought it would be fun to make little conversation heart soaps. I have this cute heart shape soap molds and i wanted to somehow write or paint little sayings on them. Is there a type of paint i can use to paint on soap?
I've seen soap in shops that had been painted, so it's possible, but I don't know how it was done.
They make paints specifically for soap. WSP had them at one time. Not sure if they do now or not. Some people paint w/ mica too.
Hey. Try some place like hobby lobby or micheal's. They ought to have it. Or make your own like previously suggested. What a cute idea! Good luck!
All the popular soap supplies sites seem to have discontinued soap paint. I finally found some at a store online but they want over 14.95 to ship 2 1/2 oz of paint? They can keep the paint! My first and only order with this place was a plastic scale and they charged me 40.00 shipping. Although their prices are the lowest by a buck or two, they are making big profit from over charging shipping rates. I do not intend to slam them in public. But this company is out of line.
Shipping is high enough as it is without them overcharging-- its just crazy. Will keep looking. Might buy some mica's. I need to mix them glycerine before adding to the soap oils right?

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