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Apr 18, 2015
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Hi all,

A quick question before bed. I'm thinking of ordering a slab mold and the price is pretty good. However, the craftsman does not offer dividers with their molds. Is there a place that one can order dividers from without buying a mold? The craftsman will customize the mold so that the dividers will fit.

As an aside, I wonder how come no one (that I can see) has come up with dividers for loaf molds? It seems like it would be a simple enough design. But then again, my engineering/shop skills are nonexistent. :razz:
There are a couple of sellers that offer dividers for loaf molds. I bought these dividers for my ED loaf mold (bought separately from my mold):

And Nurture Soaps sells these (and other) dividers for their loaf molds that you can buy separately:

Also- Brambleberry sells these dividers for their slab mold that you can buy separately from their mold:

There may be others, too, but the above are the ones that I know of off hand.

IrishLass :)
Thank you both,

I think I will have him make the slab mold to the BrambleBerry specifications and order their dividers.

And order a set of the loaf dividers on Ebay.

decisions, decisions ... lol