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Jun 17, 2008
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The recipes talking about browning vanilla got me wondering...

Does anyone have any 'discolored' soap bars that show just HOW brown the vanilla turns soap? Is it an ugly brown? Does the brown bleed to untinted soap, say for instance, an uncolored imbedded design?
I dont have pics but Ive seen vanilla soap get quite brown... kind of a chocolate-beige kind of thing going on...I think It was pretty and smooth though, not a turn-off at all :)
I was worried about the color, if it was ugly or not, or if different brands of EOs or FOs turned different colors.

I figured I could let the "frangrance stain" be the color, and mix in a non scented swirl, that would stay creamy off white.

So, along that train of thought, would the EO/FO "bleed" into the uncented (and uncolored) swirls and cause it to discolor, and does the color fade as the scent fade?
i made lavender vanilla and it turned very brown over the course of a few days. it looked like chocolate. so i made the soap largely brown, with just a small purple layer on top (with no scent in that layer so it wouldn't drown out the purple)....i don't have a picture readily available though.

No 2 fragrances containing vanilla will turn the same color. Some just get dusty & some look like mud & EVERYTHING in between. I colored a batch neon pink & over a few months it turned a dusty mauve. I made a abtch of M&P (before I knew about browning) and placed toys inside the soap bars. Within a couple months you could not see there was a toy inside it looked like a block of mud. WSP sells 2 dif products that may help w/ browning. 1 is vanilla color stabalizer. I forget the name of the other.
Texas_Bubbly said:
I figured I could let the "frangrance stain" be the color, and mix in a non scented swirl, that would stay creamy off white.

I tried to remove raw soap, colored pink, and swirled with the scented soap I knew would turn brown (Pink Sugar). It all turned brown. :roll: But I have heard of some doing this and it working well.

I did get the vanilla stablizer from Bitter Creek, have not tested it yet.

Ok thanks! You guys are great with your responses, and your experiences are as varied as your recipes. Loads of help! :D