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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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where do you buy your Dimethicone? and Cyclomethicone?

I found Cyclomethicone for about $6.50 a lb, is that good? But I can't find any Dimethicone
Wow thats actually cheaper than what I paid! Cyclo runs between 8-10 16oz. Dimethicone is sold @Wholesale supplies
Is there anything I can add to cyclo with fo to make it less cloudy?? Right now Im mixing 6oz cyclo 1oz rbo 1oz fo. Some scents are amazing and I would love to bottle them but after testing(watching if the scent clouds or not) a few weeks Ive noticed only some cloud.
What about an aluminum bottle pepper? That way you don't have to worry about the cloudyness & can use any scent you want w/o hesitation.
Yea I know but I was hoping on not having to spend more money oh well back to the drawing board! LOL
I'm so sorry forgot to write back! I guess they needed more time to clear up and those that didnt even with adding more cyclo didn't clear up so I'm just going to package those in aluminum bottles. Some did clear up but not much its still kinda cloudy but not as bad as before! Thanks guys for your help!

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