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Nov 28, 2007
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This Is Batch #19. The base oils are complexed (10 oils) about 6-7 too many. The nice orange color comes from the natural palm oil and Titanium Dioxide. The scent is really wonderful, orange-rose mixed with herbal essents and a touch of lemon grass. The end result as far as the color isnt exactly what I planed.. But the marbled Orange looks like the right color of oranges. At trace I added Vit E, Aloe and Glycerin.

Rough cut bars:

finished bars:

soap box printed uncut:

Soap with assembled box:
Oh Wow Neil, I bet that smells so good.
I love the bright orange color, and the swirls are great.

Question, Do you make those boxes yourself, or have them printed?
And where can I get some?
Holy Smokes, Neil, you are just blowing me away with your soaps!! That is gorgeous. Did you use the titanium dioxide like a swirl? I wish I could smell it through the computer. Where do you buy your palm oil?

The box is incredible. Did you design the box pattern yourself? What an excellent job on soap, box, and presentation. My hat's off to you.
Very nice soap, Neil! :D That box looks great! 8) Can you give the addy where you got the template from? Thanks buddy! Kudos to you!

Beautiful!! Yup, I'm asking for the box template too! :) I dont package my soaps in boxes, but what a great gift idea for my testers!
Thanks a bunch everybody.
Let me see...
The Titanium dioxide is mixed with the oils I separated for a swirl( i can never get mine to swirls, it always Marbles) Just a little Titanium goes along way.
The palm oil I buy locally at an India Shop They have alot of oils you cant find anywhere else locally. neem,walnut, almond,palm etc.

The Boxes are my own design, I designed the template in Coral draw then just modify to suit the soap. I've been using Coral along time for Photos.
Here are the boxes I've made for the soaps so far.. I like the Orange floral best so far.


this is the template being edited for the Orange floral


then I just print it- Cut it and Glue ... then wait for the soap to cure

If you can fiquire a way that I could share the template with you let me know.. I could send you a paper copy of the blank or something or the Coral file.. Whatever I can do I will.
Do you print them on regular paper or card stock? I was just wondering if the regular paper was sturdy enough . . . I found a template for boxes somewhere. . .let me see if I can find the link . . . it might be helpful to some one.

I finally found the site again!

Here is the basic link:

And here is the link for the soap box, I haven't used this template yet so I don't know if it works well or not:
Great boxes, Neil. Do you spend more time on them or the soap???

Ok, have to ask: What's in Fossil Soap?
I love your packaging. now if I could only smell things through my computer screen, I'd be set.
Chalk Creek Wrote:
Great boxes, Neil. Do you spend more time on them or the soap???

LOL thats funny you should say that, sometimes I wonder, you know when everything is ready, all the oils are the right temp and the additives are standing by, The mold is lined and the adrenlin begines to flow.... It only takes just a few minutes to blend and make the soap.
I make the boxes while watching TV . Ive got it down pretty good so it only takes about 20 minutes for 20 boxes. The design takes more time but I like it so it doesnt count.

I printed some of the first boxes on card stock but my expensive HP photo printer doesnt really like card stock so I went to a 24lb paper.

The Soap in the Fossil box is a rebatch. I used the shaving in a castel soap base and my wife said it looked like fossils.. so Wala! fossil soap the smell is something out of this world because it has a little of all the prior soaps.

tangled_panda : Thanks for the link, thats a cool site.

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