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Mar 31, 2008
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I did this last time

Olive oil – 340g
Coconut oil – 113g
Whole Milk – 172g
Lye – 63g
Flax oil – 12g added at trace

It's been four weeks and I just tried it and it smells bad. Very stinging, like it smelled when I put the lye in the milk.

Does that still happen with goats milk?

I want to make a batch with green tea and honey. How could I add honey to this, how much and when? Also, I plan to use 65g of lye this time. Thanks
I am pretty new to all this but all I make is Goat Milk soap.

Yes, it does smell pretty bad if the milk warms up to quickly. I've noticed that a batch or two even smell bad like lye after poured into molds. Luckily it goes away in a day or two.
what I do is create an ice bath (ice & little water) in the sink and put my empty lye bowl in it. I make sure my goat milk is still part frozen (slushy). I dump the milk in the bowl and wait a couple minutes - to make sure its all very chilled. Then I have someone extremely slowly pour in the measured out lye while I run the blender.

I haven't ruined a batch *yet.
I use the green tea in place of water. It's more brown than green, tho. You can try to add your lye a little at a time, letting it cool down between spoonfuls and put about 2 spoons in last so that it's warm when you add it to your oils.

I use honey, 1 teaspoon per pound added at trace. I warm it in the microwave for about 10 sec.